Monday, December 28, 2020

Themed Crossword #4: Scout's Honor! (with Malaika Handa)

Hello all! Wrapping up the year with a cute standard American puzzle. Was super lucky to collab with Malaika on this one! In case you hadn't heard the great news, her new site will feature a 7x7 grid six days a week (!!) in 2021, and if you keep up with it, I can guarantee you'll see some familiar names and faces :) Paraphrasing her quote about this puzzle, she had this to say: "no specific quote but... :D" which sums up the joy of this grid.

In non-this-puzzle news, I'm hoping to put out solutions for my whole backlog of old puzzles sometime before New Years. Sorry for the long delay, school and life have kept me busy recently. Wishing everyone a safe and happy end to 2020, and I look forward to sharing more puzzles with you in 2021!

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