Monday, March 8, 2021

Blocked Cryptic #11: Completing the Square (META)

Another meta-puzzle! This time, in standard(-ish) cryptic form. Hard to pick a favorite, but of all my blocked grids, I think this one has my favorite design, and I hope you all enjoy. Grab the pdf here, and the puz file here. In both cases, pretend there are no numbers/clues for the central square. Thanks to Neville for the test-solve!

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Barred Cryptic #7: Fillin' Groovy

Happy belated Purim to all those who celebrate! I'm not much of a baker, but I love hamantaschen, so I figured if I couldn't bake them, I'd do the next best thing and make a puzzle about them. Even those who have never tried hamantaschen before should hopefully find this puzzle doable, but it might help to look up some common fillings. Even veteran bakers and enjoyers alike, though, might be taken aback at some of the ones I've included - especially the third (sometimes you gotta introduce some new flavors to make extraction possible!!). Thanks to Steve for the fantastic feedback on the first round of clues, and for an illuminating conversation on the best and most innovative fillings :)

Since the grid is hexagonal, no interactive client, but I've got a Google sheets for online solvers to try out. Let me know how this works, as it's pretty tough to make hex grids on a spreadsheet, but hopefully it's useful for someone :) Find the pdf here and a link to the copy-able sheet here. Enjoy all, and be well!

Edit: 15 Down-Right should be 'Dip! Angry Ru's flipping out for backstreet!' - thanks to Kevan for catching this!

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Themed Crossword #5: Unfit Pip Input (META)

Hello all! Today's puzzle is my first attempt at a meta, and I hope that it's an interesting one! It didn't turn out as elegant as I'd like it to, but hopefully still makes for a fun solve. Grab the puz file here, the pdf here, a solution checker here, and the interactive client below. I'm more than happy to provide any hints needed - my email is in the sidebar and my DMs are open on Twitter. Hope that you all are staying safe and warm!

Thanks to kormad and Paolo for test solving!

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Blocked Cryptic #10: Proper Amazing

Hello all! Sorry for the long gap between puzzles - I recently moved back to campus which has changed my schedule quite a bit. Hoping to resume weekly puzzles from here on out though.

I know that proper names aren't always everyone's favorite in cryptics, but today's is full of them. This is thanks (in part) to this great new resource that we all (as constructors and solvers) should be grateful for. Add these names to your puzzles! Do research on them! Learn about their lives! Also, thank @ewojcik (and all those who contributed!) for this great resource!!

As always, enjoy the puzzle in pdf form, puz form, or below in the online solver. Would love any feedback on this puzzle (or on the new website index + the slew of solutions I've slowly been putting up)! Be well all.

Error to be fixed: 17a clue should be [Comeback used by Io and Ea? (2, 3)]. Fixing in PDF and PUZ file asap. Edit because im forgetful keep stanning uswnt but also stan paolo for being a great test solver

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Blocked Cryptic #9: Kangaroo Court

Not much to say today, just a fun little bonus puzzle as promised! We helped to hit 400 donors here, but if you've yet to donate and if you have the means, there's more work to be done - every dollar counts. Also, if you like cryptics and enjoy putting good into the world, make sure to check out (and donate on behalf of!) a recent puzzle from Neville benefitting the Premier Ultimate League. Many thanks to Neville for testsolving today's cryptic and for spreading word of another great cause. Enjoy the solve, and don't hesitate to reach out with any feedback you might have. Grab the puz file here, the pdf (recommended) here or solve online in the client below. Be well all!

Update February 2021: Find the solution here!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Themeless (!!!) Crossword #1: Buns, Hun (with Izzy Culver)

Hello all! Super excited to share a first attempt at a standard themeless with you all, especially since it was a collab between me and one of my best friends Izzy Culver (make sure to follow her and give her a warm welcome to crossword Twitter!). We've constructed a few puzzles together, and we think that this one is super fun (huge thanks to Paolo for test solving). A lil' blurb from Izzy about the puzzle:

Hi all :) I’m Izzy (she/her) and I’m a sophomore at Brown. I've been solving crosswords for about two years now, and I’m just getting into constructing! Please reach out if you want to talk Veep, powerlifting, anything that Sacha Baron Cohen has ever done, or if you wanna see pictures of my labradoodle (my pride and joy). Hope you enjoy solving our puzzle as much as we enjoyed making it!

Grab the puz here, the pdf here, and the interactive solver below. Happy solving all - and keep your eyes open for a bonus cryptic tomorrow!

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Blocked Cryptic #8: A Slice of Pie(t)

Welcome to 2021, all! Hope the start of the year has been filled with some fresh puzzles, and that you all are staying safe and well. Starting off the new year with a bit of a ridiculous puzzle: I hope that the novelty of the grid shape can excuse the double unches (and if not, blame et tu etui for inspiring me to make this). Many thanks to Steve for test-solving and providing me with fantastic feedback. Find the puz file here, the pdf here, and the interactive client below. Also, I'm going through my old posts and adding solutions, so keep your eyes out for new additions to them over the next two or three days. Enjoy!

Update February 2021: Find the solution doc here!

Blocked Cryptic #11: Completing the Square (META)

Another meta-puzzle! This time, in standard(-ish) cryptic form. Hard to pick a favorite, but of all my blocked grids, I think this one has m...