Sunday, February 28, 2021

Barred Cryptic #7: Fillin' Groovy

Happy belated Purim to all those who celebrate! I'm not much of a baker, but I love hamantaschen, so I figured if I couldn't bake them, I'd do the next best thing and make a puzzle about them. Even those who have never tried hamantaschen before should hopefully find this puzzle doable, but it might help to look up some common fillings. Even veteran bakers and enjoyers alike, though, might be taken aback at some of the ones I've included - especially the third (sometimes you gotta introduce some new flavors to make extraction possible!!). Thanks to Steve for the fantastic feedback on the first round of clues, and for an illuminating conversation on the best and most innovative fillings :)

Since the grid is hexagonal, no interactive client, but I've got a Google sheets for online solvers to try out. Let me know how this works, as it's pretty tough to make hex grids on a spreadsheet, but hopefully it's useful for someone :) Find the pdf here and a link to the copy-able sheet here. Enjoy all, and be well!

Edit: 15 Down-Right should be 'Dip! Angry Ru's flipping out for backstreet!' - thanks to Kevan for catching this!

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