Sunday, February 14, 2021

Blocked Cryptic #10: Proper Amazing

Hello all! Sorry for the long gap between puzzles - I recently moved back to campus which has changed my schedule quite a bit. Hoping to resume weekly puzzles from here on out though.

I know that proper names aren't always everyone's favorite in cryptics, but today's is full of them. This is thanks (in part) to this great new resource that we all (as constructors and solvers) should be grateful for. Add these names to your puzzles! Do research on them! Learn about their lives! Also, thank @ewojcik (and all those who contributed!) for this great resource!!

As always, enjoy the puzzle in pdf form, puz form, or below in the online solver. Would love any feedback on this puzzle (or on the new website index + the slew of solutions I've slowly been putting up)! Be well all.

Error to be fixed: 17a clue should be [Comeback used by Io and Ea? (2, 3)]. Fixing in PDF and PUZ file asap. Edit because im forgetful keep stanning uswnt but also stan paolo for being a great test solver

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