Thursday, July 30, 2020

Themed Crossword #1: There's Always Money...

Taking a quick break from cryptics to post a few standard puzzles from my 'archives' - random puzzles I've made over the years for friends or family. Sorry in advance: this one has a maybe sorta niche theme? If you don't get it, Google the title of the puzzle and it'll lead you to the source, a TV show that at times embodies the punniness of crosswording more than any other. Very much recommend it, especially since the episodes are short and by the second one you'll get the theme ;)

Anyways, onto the puzzle! In-browser version below, pdf file here, and last but not least, the puz file! Enjoy! Apologies for the admittedly subpar fill, this was a very early venture into puzzling for me, and there's not much exciting going on in the grid :\ Some fun clues hopefully though! As always, please inform me of errors, bad cluing, or anything you find generally unsavory.

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